Shake, Shake, Shakes!

Alright, friends… as promised, an ingredient review on the super delicious sounding shakes that these “nutrition” shops offer!

🚩 Red Flags Before Label Reading:

  • Exotic flavors without any real food
  • Low Calorie for HUGE Shakes
  • Low Sugar (but sweet flavors)
  • Only Powdered Ingredients – no real food
  • Some shops proudly display their powders, and some keep them all in different canisters behind the counter. Fortunately, the shop I stopped in at was a proud displayer so I could get a first hand look at alllllllllll of them.

🚩 The main component is a variety of Herbalife shake powders. The main concerns with these powders:

  • NO certified organic ingredients (pesticide and herbicide contamination)
  • Majority synthetic vitamins (that your body cannot properly assimilate)
  • Soy Protein Isolate (known to mimic estrogen and disrupt hormones)
  • Fructose (low quality sugar substitute linked to a variety of health concerns)
  • Artificial Flavors (lab made slew of chemicals)
  • Canola Oil (GMO garbage)
  • Carrageenan (known to irritate digestive tracts)
  • Artificial Colors (derived from petroleum and linked to a variety of negative side effects)
  • Sucralose (artificial sweetener linked to many hazardous health side effects)


‼️ This is what I would consider a “bottom of the barrel” quality powder that is doing your health more harm than it is good.

In addition to the powders, a lot of the recipes contain add-ins that include:
❌ Sugar free pudding mix (more Sucralose, artificial flavors, and artificial colors)
❌ Sugar free syrups (Aspartame/Sucralose, artificial flavors, and artificial colors)
Again… this is a far cry from “healthy” or “nutritious” like you’re lead to believe… and you deserve to know so that you can decide what is best for you and your family!

**There was ONE powder that I was comfortable consuming so that I could compensate the super nice man who read labels with me. The “Formula 1 Select” powder was not what I would consider high quality… but it did NOT contain the above offensive ingredients. He couldn’t mix it with anything else because it all contained artificial sweetener… so it was just the powder with ice and water… and it didn’t taste great, BUT I was pleased to find one thing.

I’m working on a round up of all of our favorite at home, high quality tea and shake mix-ins so you can play around with yummy drink creations AND improve (not harm) your health while you’re at it!

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