Toxins Found in Newborn’s Cord Blood


Body Burden = the total accumulation of toxins in the body
❓Did you know that even newborn babies have body burden?
In 2004, a study spearheaded by the EWG revealed devastating results.

287 chemical toxins were found in the cord blood of newborn babies
This included…
✖️Toxic components from consumer products
✖️Wastes from burning coal, gasoline, and garbage

Of the 287 chemicals identified…
✖️180 are known to cause cancer in human and animals
✖️217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system
✖️208 are known to cause birth defects and abnormal development in animal studies.

While we cannot control 100% of our environmental exposures… we ARE in control of what we bring into our home, what is put inside of our bodies, and what we utilize on our largest organ.

▫️A developing child’s chemical exposures are greater pound-for-pound than those of adults.
▫️An immature, porous blood-brain barrier allows greater chemical exposures to the developing brain.
▫️Children have lower levels of some chemical-binding proteins, allowing more of a chemical to reach “target organs.”
▫️A baby’s organs and systems are rapidly developing, and thus are often more vulnerable to damage from chemical exposure.
▫️Systems that detoxify and excrete industrial chemicals are not fully developed.
▫️The longer future life span of a child compared to an adult allows more time for adverse effects to arise.

While it may seem harmless to use products daily with hundreds of unstudied chemicals, our body has to work hard to filter these out. If our immune system is working hard to filter out contaminants and toxins, it is decreasing the effectiveness of the immune system to fight off illness, and diseases.

I truly believe that it is never too late to begin reducing your families exposure to harmful toxins. Any step you can take is a good step. For your health, the health of your kids, and the health of your grandkids. This movement has exponential generational impact!!

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