Toxins In A Box Of Tissues

You’ll never find a box of tissues in our house…

On the rare occasion that one of us needs to blow our nose… our “Who Gives A Crap” brand TP works just fine!


But these eye opening photos from a Mama questioning the ingredients on her box of Kleenex are just another great reminder to read those labels!
✖️ These Kleenex have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as an “Active Ingredient”
✖️ SLS is well known skin irritant with lots of conflicting data indicating the potential for additional concerns. It is definitely one of those ingredients that simply isn’t worth the risk in ANY personal care product.…/174367-dangers-of-sodium…/
✖️SLS is in addition to a completely undisclosed slew of who knows how many other additives that make up the other 90.47% that they’re not discussing. Lack of transparency is ALWAYS a no for me.
✖️ Especially when it’s directly around your nose where inhalation is inevitable.


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