Toxins In Conventional Beauty Products

If you caught my post yesterday and thought “Ahh, thank goodness I don’t use drugstore products!”, but instead you’re using the bestsellers from Sephora and Ulta…

Then I’m sorry that I’m not sorry that I’m the bearer of bad news here…

In most cases I stand behind the typical saying of “You get what you pay for”…
✅ Organic food ✅ High quality supplements ✅ Hotels ✅ A photographer ✅ Non toxic furniture ✅ Good socks ✅ A smokin’ pair of pumps… I could go on and on here!

❌ But that saying is absolutely not applicable when you’re looking at high dollar conventional beauty products.
❗️The vast majority of the time, the ingredient quality is on par with drugstore products, if not worse. You only get the benefit of a popular logo and a much higher price tag.
❓Need a safe swap for your conventional favorites? You tell me what you love about it, and I’ll find you a toxin free solution! Promise!


There is NO reason to compromise your health for your beauty, or your beauty for your health!