Washing Your Washing Machine

Washing The Machine That Washes Your Clothes

I recently polled everyone in my stories to see if I was the lone ranger who never thought to clean my washing machine…

The results made me feel better about my life, but also lit a fire in me to share a safe, easy, affordable solution… because 63% of over 900 votes said they never have either.

Your washing machine sees some prettttty funky stuff


and detergent residues act as food for germs. It’s the perfect breeding ground for:

⚠️ bacteria
⚠️ mold
⚠️ fungus

to accumulate and tranfer to whatever gets put in it… yep, in the same machine that is designed to CLEAN your clothes!

I found that conventional washing machine cleaners rarely disclose the full ingredients in their product. The hazard and caution signs on them are enough for me to be able to identify:
🚫 Endocrine disrupting ingredients
🚫 Carcinogenic ingredients
🚫 Organ system toxicants
🚫 Reproductive system toxicants

Thankfully, the solution we found made cleaning our machine a BREEZE and resulted in

✅ Visibly cleaner machine
✅ No weird odors
✅ Cleaner and more fresh smelling clothes after washing

Plus it’s eco friendly and toxin-free = a WIN in my book!!
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