Water in your skincare?

You know one of my favorite things to do is bust myths… and I’ve got a doozy for you today!

🗣 “Water in your skincare is no good.”
‼️Marketing. Every time you hear or read that… I can almost guarantee you it’s being used to sell an oil-based product.
I can respect that OPINION, but plenty of studies will tell you otherwise… and every esthetician I know too. ☺️
Let’s talk about all of the BENEFITS of high quality h20 in your skincare and further bust this myth…

💦 1 – We all know it… water = hydration. Your skincare products absorb even better on damp skin and formulas containing water provide a healthy dose of moisture.

💦 2 – Water is a carrier that helps the other beneficial ingredients in skincare penetrate deeper. It is the cleanest, safest, and most effective penetration enhancer on the market.

💦 3 – Water in a formula allows for more formula options! Mannnny beneficial botanical extracts are only water soluble, and can’t be used in an oil based formulation. Gimme all those blessing botanicals!

💦 4 – Water is cooling to the skin! Many conditions like acne and rosacea are activated with heat… water provides that soothing effect that the skin needs to reduce inflammation.

💦 5 – Water improves the spreadability of a formulation so that a little can go a long way! More bang for your buck!


Additional Valuable Information…


Skincare formulas that intentionally choose to utilize water also require an emulsifier (so your product doesn’t separate), a preservative system (to control microbial growth), and an emollient (so the benefits aren’t short lived). If a company isn’t willing to invest in THE safest ingredients AND find a manufacturer willing to work with their formula… the easiest road to take when formulating a product is going water free. There is no need to be lazy with your skincare choices, my friends… clean AND effective formulas are available! 

All this to say, I am not against facial oils or oil based serums! I absolutely think they serve a purpose for some skincare routines and you all know I’ve always loved oil cleansing! If you need an oil based skincare recommendation, I can certainly hook you up with some certified organic goodness to incorporate into your routine (don’t skimp here – always opt for certified organic oils so you eliminate the risk of pesticide and herbicide residues) 

What I am against is misleading marketing.

Nothing will make me more crazy than spotlight claims on the front of a bottle, or the game of telephone from rep to rep in the sales industry.
Have you heard any more myths that I can bust? I’m always on the lookout.