Where to start when detoxing your makeup bag

If reducing your overall body burden is a goal of yours this year, I would love to help you in this area! Whether you’re new in your toxin free journey or have already been making safer swaps, I absolutely love helping you ladies! 💗

I get the common question,

“Soo where do I start when detoxing my makeup bag?”

Such a great question! If you get in contact with me, I can tailor my recommendations specifically for you, but here’s what I typically recommend:

Focus #1 – Largest Surface Area (full face)

🍃 Daylight Day Cream
•Richly hydrating, but not the least bit heavy
•Helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
•Protects skin from environmental stressors
•Plumps and firms the skin for an ageless appearance

🍃 Nightlight Night Cream
•Works overnight to rejuvenate and revive skin for a radiant glow
•Reduces the appearance of dull skin
•Creates a brighter and more even complexion

🍃Smart Primer
• Helps to nourish your skin while making your makeup look flawless, and locking it on for all day wear
• Has pH balancing qualities, so it’s truly perfect for ALL skin types
• Loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

🍃Beautifully Flawless Foundation
• Nutrient-rich, lightweight, and buildable coverage.
• Vitamins C & E will brighten your skin & provide antioxidant-rich coverage while soothing Aloe Leaf provides moisture.
•Vanilla extract gives the subtle scent of cupcakes

🍃 No. 1 Brush
• Vegan, cruelty-free, and suuuper soft!
• Gives an airbrushed appearance
• Will help you get the MOST out of your foundation (not soaking up your product like most brushes) and perfectly placing it onto the skin

💡 Focus #2 – Complexion Enhancers

🍃 Bronzer or blush
•EcoCert minerals and an antioxidant rich preservative system provides the most safe and pure pigment with added nutrient benefits to the skin

🍃 #Nofilter Setting Powder
•Only one ingredient and purely safe, this is hands down THE best setting powder on the market
•Incredibly long lasting and doubles as a dry shampoo
•Gives the skin an airbrushed appearance and keeps makeup from budging or transferring all day

💡 Focus #3 – Guaranteed consumption (lips)

🍃 Lush Lipgloss or Luxe Lipstick
•Depending on your preferred lip-look, we’ve got you covered with beautifully soft and buttery rich options that are loaded with certified organic ingredients and perfectly pigmented without the use of synthetic dyes


Now for some fun … Create your wish list and build your collection over time! Every safe switch makes a difference and I am here to help whenever you’re ready!

Remember the 26 second rule: 60-95% of what you put on your skin will immediately be absorbed into your bloodstream within 26 seconds.