Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Reviews

Whew! This has involved some extensive trial and error, my friends!

But now I present to you… my shampoo and condition BAR brand reviews!

Overall Pros/Cons List:

Zero waste and WAY more eco-friendly
Takes up a little space in the shower
Super easy to travel with
Easy for the whole family to use
No need for preservatives in a bar form
MOST shampoo bars lathered well

Didn’t love:
Took a more time in the shower to work product into a lather
Conditioner bars + my long tangly hair were not always the best combo

Consensus: I will definitely continue using the Shampoo Bars – but I’ll probably go back to my normal conditioner routine once these are used up (in forever because they last sooo lonnnng)

🤍 Brand Reviews In Order Of Love:

1.) Earthling Co
** I got the original unscented shampoo bar, and conditioner bar. I chose these because I personally feel just fine with coco sulfate (not your traditional toxic sulfate) and I knew they’d lather better than the “new formula” on their website. I wasn’t super confident in their fragrances, which is why I chose unscented (but I also didn’t pry too much)

  • This product did lather the best of all the bars I got, was easiest to use, held up the longest, left my hair feeling soft, shiny, and easy to brush. With a whole line up of bars in my shower, this is the one I grabbed most often!
    🛍 Shopping Link:

2.) Hi Bar
** I got the volumizing set and feel totally confident in the ingredients for this formula, although very few were certified organic.

  • This product lathered nicely, and left my hair feeling very lightweight but clean. Pleasant smell without being overwhelming, and appreciated the transparency in their scents.
    My only complaint is it was very hard for me to tell which one was the shampoo bar and which one was conditioner until I started trying to lather them in my hands.
    🛍 Shopping Link:

3.) Ethique
** I got the “Sweet & Spicy” shampoo, and the “In The Buff” conditioner, and the “Wonder Bar”

  • Both bars performed nicely, although I felt like I needed some extra “normal” conditioner even after using the bar conditioner on this one.
    🛍 Shopping Link:
Brands I tried but didn’t love the performance enough for them to make the list:

Chagrin Valley
Left my hair feeling very heavy and greasy… a bummer because I loved the ingredient lists.
I opened the package and reallllllly struggled with the smell. Definitely would recommend unscented if you decide to try this one.
Left my hair feeling heavy and oily at the roots

There ya have it, folks!!
I hope these reviews help you in your journey to minimizing single use plastics as well! If you decide to try one, be sure to let me know whatcha think 😍